ZUG, SWITZERLAND, July 8, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Denario, a Swiss fintech leader in digital precious metals, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Inacta Ventures, a renowned Swiss and UAE Web3 venture builder. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in Denario’s mission to provide innovative and accessible solutions for precious metals ownership.

Revolutionizing Ownership through Tokenization

The partnership leverages Denario’s expertise in digital precious metals and Inacta Ventures’ leadership in Web3 technology. By combining innovative tokenization of real-world assets with access to Inacta’s broad ecosystem, Denario aims to revolutionize the way people own precious metals.

Expanding Global Reach and Accessibility

“With this collaboration, we are pushing Denario on a global scale, giving people innovative access to precious metals,” stated Thomas Winkler, Chairman of Denario. Denario offers a unique asset token providing exposure to physical silver and stability of value.

Inacta Ventures’ Support

Ralf Glabischnig, Founder of Inacta Ventures, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to integrate Denario into our portfolio. This collaboration will accelerate the development and adoption of tokenized silver worldwide. Not only can we give Denario access to our ecosystems in the UAE and Switzerland, but we will also open access to the token via our platform Tokengate, which specializes in the tokenization of real-world assets.”

Tokengate, an Inacta venture, is at the forefront of asset tokenization in Switzerland. It will support Denario in launching silver coins on various blockchains and facilitating access through a customized application.

About Denario

Denario is a Swiss Fintech leader in digital precious metals. Denario offers a unique asset token, fully backed by physical silver securely stored in Switzerland. One Denario Silver Coin (DSC) is backed by one ounce of silver granules.Each Denario token represents a digital twin of the underlying physical silver, providing investors with exposure to precious metals in a convenient and fractionalized form. Denario operates as a recognized security token, ensuring compliance with Swiss financial market regulations.

About Inacta Ventures

Inacta Ventures is at the forefront of the WEB3 revolution, building on three key pillars: Ecosystem Development, Venture Building, and Smart Capital. As a leading venture builder and network enabler, we specialize in connecting startups and corporates to unlock the potential of WEB3 technologies. Based in the dynamic ecosystems of Crypto Valley in Switzerland and Crypto Oasis in UAE, we provide the essential resources and expertise to build, deploy, and scale breakthrough WEB3 products, enabling enterprises and our 100+ portfolio companies to unlock their potential.

Media Enquiries:
Yonghan Lee, CEO, Denario (y.lee@denario.swiss)
Tom Rieder, Inacta Ventures (tom.rieder@inactaventures.ch)

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