New York, NY – June 18, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – B2Broker, a leading liquidity and technology provider, has announced a major update to its CRM solution, B2Core, with the launch of version 13. This comprehensive upgrade seeks to boost business operations and improve client experiences.

B2Core’s latest version comes with valuable new features. These include expanded integrations with Zendesk and ShuftiPro, implementation of the Travel Rule, notable user interface enhancements, the rollout of the upgraded Savings Module v1.1, and more.

Alongside, B2Broker has also launched the latest iOS version of B2Core, v1.23, focusing on refining the platform’s visual design and user interface. The aim is to provide iOS users with an enhanced interaction experience and better convenience.

New Integrations Delivering Superior Customer Support

To bolster client relationships, which are fundamental for any successful brokerage, B2Core now integrates with Zendesk, a prominent customer service platform that leverages AI to enrich and personalise customer interactions.

Zendesk offers customer support across multiple channels—email, phone, live chat, social media, and self-service portals. Each channel employs AI, offering tailored solutions to customer queries. The B2Core team vouches for Zendesk’s effectiveness as it uses the system to automate its own customer support processes.

Upgraded ShuftiPro KYC Integration for Better Compliance and Security

B2Core’s KYC integration with ShuftiPro has been expanded by introducing a new “ADDRESS” group. Users can now submit documents relevant to address verification, making the process more flexible and customisable to meet specific client needs.

Crypto Travel Rule Compliance in Association with B2BinPay

B2Core, in collaboration with the Travel Rule solution provider, Notabene, through B2BinPay, has facilitated companies’ compliance with the Crypto Travel Rule. This rule necessitates regular user and transaction information submission for deposits and withdrawals to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

Notabene now aids institutions and brokers using B2Core to manage crypto operations without facing compliance issues, especially in critical regions such as the United States, EU, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Canada.

Savings Module v1.1 for Passive Earnings

Initially launched with B2Core’s V2.1 update, the savings capability has now undergone a significant enhancement in terms of functionality and profitability with the launch of Savings Module v1.1. The improved module empowers users to produce passive income from their digital assets. It enables them to seamlessly move their investments into savings accounts that generate interest, mirroring traditional banking services.

Consequently, users can accrue passive earnings on their stagnant crypto funds rather than just preserving their assets without any added benefits. The feature targets users who wish to utilise their crypto assets without participating in active trading, reinforcing B2Core’s clients’ value proposition.

A Step Forward in User Interface Design

Update’s complete revamp of the B2Core user interface focuses on an aesthetic upgrade alongside intuitive navigation, resulting in a more accessible and user-friendly experience for brokers and traders.

Addition of the Bonus Section

The fresh UI now incorporates a Bonuses section. In this space, clients can easily access all the platform’s existing bonus programs. Consequently, they can uncover and engage with programs matching their trading aspirations, boosting their overall interaction with the platform.

Expanded Trading Account Details

The extent of detail and statistical data available for trading accounts has grown considerably. Users can now probe deeper into their accounts, procuring invaluable insights into vital trading criteria such as balance, equity, free funds, credit, and leverage, empowering them to make well-informed trading decisions and strategically manage their portfolios.

Additionally, equity performance is now represented with visually pleasing graphics instead of only numerical data. These interactive charts offer a lucid dynamic account performance representation, equipping users with scaling and marker tracking functionalities.

Favourites Trading Accounts Widget

The fresh UI presents a “Favourites Trading Accounts” widget in the Dashboard, which enables users to conveniently accumulate their most visited accounts, letting them keep an eye on significant account parameters like balance, equity, and margin instantly.

Simplified Deposits and Withdrawals

Version 13 of B2Broker’s CRM greatly simplifies the deposit and withdrawal process. This includes the introduction of auto-substitution in selects, doing away with unnecessary steps and potential confusion. Furthermore, group options within the workflow have been eradicated, further refining the navigation process.

Most notably, QR codes for mobile transactions now occupy a prominent placement, ensuring even quicker and more convenient experiences for mobile clients, reducing friction points, and promoting more active participation in the crypto market.

Major Upgrade of B2Core iOS App

The latest B2Core iOS app, version 1.23, introduces significant enhancements designed to optimise the user experience further.

Seamless Integration with BBP iOS App

B2Core’s mobile version now offers seamless integration with the iOS application of B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP), enhancing the user experience with single sign-on capabilities. Users can now easily transition from the mobile B2Core app to the BBP iOS app without re-entering their credentials, providing immediate access to their accounts and instant trading access.

Revamped Dashboard

B2Core introduces a newly developed dashboard design that facilitates quick and easy interaction with application elements. The new design offers instant access to necessary data, enhanced visual perception of interface elements, and improved ease of interaction. In addition, customisable widgets now allow for even quicker access to attached data types.

Introduction of Widgets

The latest release features a robust widget system, which enables users to access crucial information without opening the application.

  • l Banner Widgets

A new series of banner widgets offers visual insights into significant events, innovations, and updates related to the application’s ongoing development and implementation.

  • l Total Balance Widget

The ‘Total Balance’ widget allows users to effortlessly review the combined balance of all their wallet accounts in USD, streamlining the process of evaluating available capital.

  • l Last Transactions Widget

The ‘Last Transactions’ widget provides users with access to statistical data related to their latest transactions. It offers comprehensive data related to deposits, withdrawals, exchanges, or transfers between addresses, as well as their current statuses.

  • l Favourite Trading Accounts Widget

This widget lets users organise all account information by importance, providing immediate access to comprehensive and crucial account-related details such as total balance, available capital, and leverage level.

  • l IB Program Widget

The ‘IB Program’ widget simplifies access to IB programs. It allows clients to quickly review existing program data and send requests to join new IB programs directly from the Dashboard.

  • l A Continuous Pursuit of Excellence

In its relentless pursuit of excellence, B2Core’s comprehensive CRM platform continues to evolve. Release v13 and Release 1.23 for iOS devices bring significant enhancements that are aligned with the new conceptual vision.

B2Broker is steadfastly investing in the B2Core system to maintain quality, reliability, and efficiency at the highest market standards and provide clients with an unrivalled user experience.

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