GENEVE, CH, Jan 17, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via – With cancer projected to escalate to 29 million cases by 2040[1], Novigenix, a pioneer in AI healthcare solutions, is rewriting the rules of cancer care. Their newest innovation, LITOSeek™, is primed to reshape drug development, offering a transformative leap forward.

From left: Dr. Brian Hashemi, Novigenix’s CEO and Chairman, Dr. Sahar Hosseinian, Co-founder & CTO, and Dr. Pedro Romero, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer

Personalized Cancer Treatment: Breaking Barriers

Every cancer is as unique as the person it affects. Tumors are in continuous dynamic interplay with the patient’s immune defenses and are adept at subverting and escaping immune control. Novigenix is on a mission to improve the cancer treatment landscape, leveraging advanced AI and RNA analysis from a routine blood draw to provide more precise insights into patient immune responses to cancer treatments, compared to conventional DNA liquid biopsies that evaluate tumor evolution through circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). Insights into the precise dynamic of patient immune response thus pave the way for superior therapeutic discoveries in the field.

Empowering Biopharma: Unveiling LITOSeek™ at Precision Medicine World Conference

On January 24th at the Precision Medicine World Conference in Silicon Valley, Novigenix will debut LITOSeek™, a groundbreaking solution designed to expedite drug development for biopharma companies.

AI and RNA Analysis: Pioneering Healthcare Transformation

With a decade-long track record, Novigenix successfully launched Colox® blood test in Switzerland, powered by AI and RNA analysis to detect early-stage colon cancer, marking a significant departure from invasive colonoscopy procedures. By aggregating data from diverse colon cancer patients, Novigenix identified immune system biomarkers crucial for early-stage detection, enhancing treatment outcomes.

Dr. Brian Hashemi, Novigenix’s CEO and Chairman, emphasized, “Our experience with Colox® underscores the potential of AI RNA analysis. Ongoing studies across various cancer types have fuelled our Knowledge Base to uncover comprehensive sets of biomarkers via liquid biopsy and AI RNA analysis. Our validated immunotherapy response biomarkers provide early prediction of patient response and we invite biopharma companies to leverage our platform for more efficient and effective drug development.”

Professor Pedro Romero, M.D. Chief Medical & Scientific Officer of Novigenix, and Founding Chief Editor of the Journal of Immunotherapy of Cancer, highlights the importance of patient immune response in the development of novel therapies: “AI RNA analysis is poised to revolutionize healthcare, accelerating conventional experimental drug development with data-driven precision immune response prediction. By swiftly analyzing systemic immune responses, AI compresses analysis times, expediting traditional drug development and powering discovery of novel therapy targets.”

A Team Dedicated to the Future of Cancer Care

With over 20 Ph.D.-level scientists focused on the development of the LITOSeek™ platform and advancing next-generation liquid biopsy solutions, Novigenix is pioneering precision immunology to help transform cancer treatment paradigms for better patient outcomes.


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