JAKARTA, Oct 30, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – Wintermar Offshore Marine (WINS:JK) has announced results for 9M2023. Wintermar records 9M2023 Net Attributable Profit of US$2.8million compared to a loss of US$2.1million in 9M2022, on the back of better margins from a rise in fleet utilization and charter rates.

Rising fleet utilization through 3Q2023 along with better charter rates contributed to a 30.7%QOQ increase in revenue for 3Q2023, and boosted the gross profit margin to 23.4% for the quarter compared to 15.9% for 2Q2023.

For 9M2023, total revenue was up 23.3%YOY to US$51.2million of which US$20million was booked in 3Q2023.

Owned Vessel Division

In 3Q2023, the Owned Vessel Division saw a 43.7%QOQ jump in revenue to US$13.7million from US$9.5million in 2Q2023, as several mid and high tier vessels started charter contracts with higher daily rates. Direct costs for Owned Vessels rose by 17.0%YOY, largely from maintenance and operational costs from mobilizing vessels to new contracts.

Utilization of the fleet rose steadily through the quarter resulting in average utilization of 70% for 3Q2023, up from 56% in 2Q2023.

For 9M2023 Gross Profit from Owned Vessels reached US$6.8million (+242.9% YOY).

Chartering and Other Services

Revenue from the Chartering Division stayed flat at US$12.9million (+0.8%YOY), while gross profit for the Division in 9M2023 was US$1million, lower than US$1.5million in 9M2022.

Gross Profit from Other Services had a 29.6% YOY increase to US$2.3million for 9M2023.

Indirect Expenses and Operating Profit

Throughout the 9M2023, overall indirect expenses increased by 5.8% YOY to US$4.9 million. As business momentum picked up, there was an increase in staff salaries to US$3.6 million (+9.3% YOY), primarily due to the hiring of additional employees.

Operating Profit jumped to US$5.2million for 9M2023 (+778.1%) compared to only US$0.6million in 9M2022.

Other Income, Expenses and Net Attributable Profit

Interest expenses continued to fall by 10.0%YOY due to regular loan repayments while associated companies recorded a loss of US$0.3 million compared to a profit US$0.5milllion in 9M2022. Total Net Income before Taxes amounted to US$3.6 million for 9M2023, compared to a loss of US$2.4million in 9M2022.

As a result, the Company recorded a turnaround with Net Attributable profit of US$2.8million as compared with a loss of US$2.1million in 9M2022.

The group’s EBITDA also jumped by 50.4% YOY to US$14.7 million.

Outlook for O&G and the OSV Industry

Voluntary production cuts by Saudi Arabia and Russia while China, India, and Brazil continue to drive strong oil demand.

There has been a consistent increase in offshore oil and gas investments with long term projects that will drive utilization of offshore rigs and OSV demand into 2028.

Over the past nine months, the availability of Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) has seen a decline due to drilling projects in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America drawing the operationally ready OSVs toward the region. This tightness subsequently led to South East Asian rates finally beginning to increase in 2H2023.

Despite the rising demand, major OSV companies are still hesitant to invest in new vessels, emphasizing capital conservation and concerns about vessel longevity in the context of the ongoing energy shift towards renewable fuels for propulsion. This indicates that the upward momentum on charter rates will continue.

Company Outlook

Wintermar expects the strong performance to be maintained throughout the remainder of 2023. Charter rates are rising, but have not yet recovered to levels seen in the last peak. We expect the demand for high tier OSVs to gradually drive charter rates higher in the coming years. There is a structural shift in upstream oil and gas investments which favours offshore over onshore. In view of the high levels of approved investments in offshore through towards 2028, this recovery is likely to continue for the coming few years.

As at end of September 2023, the Company’s Contracts on hand amounted to US$76 million.

About Wintermar Offshore Marine Group

Wintermar Offshore Marine Group (WINS.JK), developed over nearly 50 years with a track record of quality that is both a source of pride and responsibility that we are dedicated to upholding, and sails a fleet of more than 48 Offshore Support Vessels ready for long term as well as spot charters. All vessels are operated by experienced Indonesian crew, tracked by satellite systems and monitored in real-time by shore-based Vessel Teams.

Wintermar is the first shipping company in Indonesia to be certified with an Integrated Management System by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, and is currently certified with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), ISO14001:2015 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety). For more information, please visit www.wintermar.com.

For further information, please contact:
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