Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has begun production of the all-new BF350 outboard motor with a maximum output of 350 horsepower. The BF350 is the most powerful model in the BF Series, the Honda 4-stroke outboard motor series that has been popular for its high dynamic performance and outstanding cost-effectiveness. 

All-new BF350 large-size outboard motor[Aquamarine Silver (left) and Grand Prix White (right)]

Equipped with a newly developed dedicated V8 engine with displacement of 4,952 cm3 (302 in3), the BF350 is the flagship model of Honda marine outboards, providing powerful propulsion with maximum output of 350 horsepower. In addition to high performance and seaworthiness achieved by the abundant torque, the BF350 realizes a high level of quiet operation and low vibration through the adoption of a newly designed crankshaft. Moreover, the BF350 was developed with the goal to offer an environmentally-responsible and cost-effective outboard, realizing top-level fuel economy in its class(1).

The BF350 also features enhanced support features to ensure a smoother and more comfortable boating experience for customers, including the cruise control function which makes it possible to cruise at a set boat speed or engine speed (rpm), as well as the trim support function, a new function to automatically control the outboard motor to maintain a pre-set trim angle(2).

Furthermore, the BF350 features a new automatic tilt function, which enables customers to fully tilt(3) the BF350 up or down automatically, improving the customer convenience even when the boat is docked or stored.

Moreover, including the high-power tilt motor that prevents a decline in the tilt speed in cold weather and the antifreeze drainage structure, the BF350 features a number of ingenious features that enable customers to use the BF350 with peace of mind even in harsh environments. Furthermore, to reduce the customer burden and ensure that customers can enjoy a fun boating experience with the BF350 for a long time, the ease of maintenance was enhanced.

As for styling, a “Noble Motion Form” design was adopted to express a sense of luxury appropriate for a flagship model. While inheriting a sense of unity with nature as well as a simple and clean image, which Honda has been expressing with all of its outboards, BF350 styling was perfected with a form that conveys a sense of high quality. The DBW remote controller(4) was newly designed in pursuit of functional beauty while enhancing functionality and operability, enabling the users to feel the “Noble Motion Form” while operating their boat.

All-new BF350 (2-motor installation shown)


Key features of the BF350

High-power and fuel-efficient engine developed exclusively for the BF350

– A V8 engine with displacement of 4,952 cm3 and maximum output of 350 horsepower was newly designed exclusively for the BF350, which features both high power achieved by abundant torque generated by its dedicated engine and low-vibration/low-noise operation realized by the adoption of a newly-designed crankshaft. The newly-designed crankshaft eliminated the need for a balancer to reduce vibration, realizing a simple outboard structure with enhanced durability and reliability.  
– The BF350 adopts VTEC, which has long been a popular feature of Honda automobiles and outboard motors as well, realizing both high power and excellent environmental performance. Moreover, fuel economy was further improved through the application of air-fuel ratio feedback control using an O2 sensor and optimization of the shape of the gear case. Through these measures, the BF350 realizes top-level fuel economy in its class despite the fact that it is an outboard powered by regular gasoline.

Enhanced support functions for boat operation

– Trim support function (a first for Honda outboards)With customer operation of buttons on the remote control, the system automatically controls the outboard based on the engine rpm and boat speed to maintain a pre-set trim angle (boat attitude), enabling easier and more comfortable boat operation.

– Cruise control functionWith customer operation of buttons on the remote control, the system maintains a constant engine rpm or boat speed while cruising. Compared to other BF Series models, the cruise control function of the BF350 controls engine speed for a broader range, supporting customer operation of the board with greater comfort and in a more relaxed manner.

– Automatic tilt functionThis function to automatically tilt up/down the FB350 while the engine is off automates operations when the boat is docked or stored and is expected to significantly reduce the customer burden. 

Adoption of a large-capacity alternator 

By adopting a large-capacity (12V-93A) alternator, battery charging power of 70A was secured. This reduces the risk and concern for running out of battery power, even for boats without an auxiliary generator.

In addition, the BF350 features an adjustable idling-charge system that automatically raises, even at idle speeds, the engine rpm to the maximum of 43A to enhance charging performance when the electric load on the BF350 increases.

Enhanced ease of maintenance 

Ease of maintenance was further enhanced with various measures including the addition of an anode to prevent corrosion, the adoption of an engine cover with a new structure that makes attaching/detaching easier and a change in the installation angle of the oil filter to prevent from oil spilling when changing the oil filter.

Design concept 

While inheriting the simple, clean styling of the BF series that creates a sense of unity with people and nature and matches the design of any boat, the BF350 adopted a “Noble Motion Form” design appropriate for a flagship model. With the use of three-dimensional logos and chrome-plated parts, styling with a sense of high quality was perfected. 

(1) Based on Honda internal research as of January 2024.
(2) The angle of the outboard motor can be adjusted while boating to adjust boat trim (boat attitude).
(3) Operation to lift the outboard motor from the water surface or tilt it to the angle at which the boat can be operable.
(4) Electronic remote-control system.

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