Seoul, Korea – 16/01/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Recently, NOUHAUS announced the launch of its premium massage chair ORBIT at the CES show in Las Vegas, Nevada. NOUHAUS, a life curation living company in South Korea, is a young, thriving furniture brand that has outreached $150 million of accrued revenue since its first launch in 2019. NOUHAUS became viral in their first year with the best-seller, New Classic massage chair, widely known as “beautiful massage chair” or “Nouhaus massage chair.”

Award-winning product, ORBIT, will be unveiled for the first time in CES 2024

NOUHAUS successfully launched the brand in the U.S. in about the same period, making a notable revenue of $50 million with their office chairs in Amazon. More so, last July NOUHAUS held a LUNA (recliner massage chair) launch party in Barbie Penthouse located in Beverly Hills and opened a pop-up space during the “Annual Block Party” in L.A. The invited guests – Hollywood celebrities, influencers, and many other esteemed guests altogether exalted NOUHAUS massage chairs for their incomparable qualities.

Nouhaus LUNA launch party in Barbie Penthouse, Beverly Hills L.A. California

Massage chairs may not be a commonly bought furniture in the U.S., yet many experts’ outlook is that with the market-leading experiences, significant design, and innovative technology, NOUHAUS is ready to take on the massage chair market in America as well.

Having successfully showcased their products at the recent CES show, from Jan. 9 to 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, NOUHAUS unveiled ORBIT, its newly launched premium massage chair to the public.

ORBIT is the first premium massage chair with exquisite speakers that presents quality relaxation with personalized dynamic massage and modern design expressed through artistic linear edges. It has won the honor in the Red Dot Design Award 2022 and K Design Award 2023, certifying the brilliance in both design and function.

The chair is equipped with the finest quality speakers designed and directed by Prof. Kukil Yu, also known as the “maestro” of tuning sounds. Prof. Yu is renowned as the most experienced expert regarding sound and speakers in Korea and sustains collaboration with ‘Accuton’ He has not only won over 130 global awards including the Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, but also has been recognized as the best amongst all entries in over 100 projects.

For the ORBIT, he designed two convertible modes – Normal Mode and Speaker Mode which are controlled with an APP. At default, the speaker is adjusted to deliver the most optimal sound for the person seated. The sound orbits around the user, leading them to their personal concert hall. At Speaker Mode, the speaker amplifies and diffuses sound, perfect for users when doing other activities while still listening to their favorite music.

Also, NOUHAUS collaborated with ‘Sound Vaccine’, a company with Digital hearing loss treatment technology, to equip ORBIT with another significant function, TSC (Threshold Sound Conditioning) which helps improve the hearing. This technology, developed by neuroscientists at Stanford School of Medicine over four years, has been certified for its safety and effectiveness by SCIE-level international academic journals in 2020.

Furthermore, the ergonomically designed massage chair recognizes the user and adjusts the shoulder height for perfectly customized comfort. Users can choose from 14 different dynamic and refreshing massage functions to relieve stress on a daily basis.

The CES event provided NOUHAUS with a significant opportunity to showcase the technological advancements of ORBIT and its other product lines, including best-sellers and accessories. Detailed information about the ORBIT and its innovative features was revealed to the public, further solidifying NOUHAUS’s reputation for quality and innovation in the furniture industry. The NOUHAUS booth, located at Tech West, Venetian Expo, Level 2 (booth number 54753), attracted considerable attention and was a highlight of the show.

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