Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Novationwire, a leading global press release distribution platform, has rolled out targeted celebrity press release solutions to help Vietnamese entertainment companies and stars build reach.

Powered by proprietary AI technology, Novationwire’s Vietnam entertainment offering provides tailored celebrity influencer packages to maximize media and fan engagement.

“The vibrant Vietnamese entertainment scene driven by a rising celebrity culture presents a major opportunity,” said Novationwire’s Chief Marketing Officer Terry Robbins, “Our localized celebrity press release solutions will enable Vietnamese production houses, artists, actors and more to expand their visibility significantly.” 

According to Novationwire’s recent analysis, the Vietnamese entertainment market has seen exponential growth recently, estimating to grow at a 22% CAGR between 2022 to 2028. An integral pillar accelerating this rapid growth has been the ascent of a hyper-localized celebrity culture and fandoms. Over 85% of Vietnamese continually follow celebrity entertainment news and their influence permeates everything from fashion trends to consumer brand preferences.

However, Robbins explained that Vietnamese stars and entertainment firms often grapple with driving visibility beyond existing fan bases. As attention becomes more divided across various digital platforms, the ability to craft targeted press releases integrating key announcements with captivating celebrity storylines has become more crucial. 

Through close consultation across Vietnamese media landscape and with major local network partners, production houses and artists on the ground, Novationwire uncovered specific needs in areas of content creation and distribution.

“The consensus was that while awareness around press releases has risen, existing solutions failed to grab attention and drive measurable results,” said Robbins. “Our research highlighted Vietnamese audiences highly value local stars and expect communications to resonate culturally – but many found current press releases too templated or outsourced.”

Novationwire’s Vietnam entertainment press release packages address these gaps through:

l  Celebrity-Centric Narratives: Proprietary natural language generation technology produces locally nuanced storylines tailored specifically around individual Vietnamese stars guaranteed to captivate fan interest. “Going beyond mere announcements, our AI copywriting integrates custom hooks like the latest drama roles, song collaborations, fashion styles or awards nominations,” Robbins remarked. “This powers targeted engagement.”

l  Hyperlocal Data Intelligence: Novationwire screens entertainment news, social buzz and search trends in real-time across Vietnamese outlets and platforms to detect trending celebrities and opportune media angles. “By tying press releases around rising celebrity moments, we ensure maximum relevance and pick up,” noted Robbins. 

l  Local Media Outreach: Press releases distributed directly to Novationwire’s Vietnam entertainment media database of 1,200+ journalists, bloggers and influencers tailored to each star’s fanbase and channels. “Our local expertise spotlights the right cultural dynamics and outlet synergies between celebrity brand and media to guarantee high visibility,” Robbins said.

l  Omnichannel Amplification: Seamless integration options across social media, forums and multimedia to extend press release reach beyond media to celebrity fan ecosystems such as Facebook, TikTok and leading Vietnamese social platforms promising millions of potential impressions. “We help convert press release readers into lasting celebrity followers and customers,” highlighted Robbins.

So far, early entertainment clients in Vietnam have seen stellar results from Novationwire’s celebrity press packages across metrics from web traffic to rankings and sales conversions. A release for Vietnam’s top actress announcing an ambassador partnership with luxury brand Chanel led to over 8.3 million social impressions, 100+ tie-ups including features in VietNamNet, Zing News and Kenh14 while also boosting the star’s Weibo following by 51%, demonstrating strong appeal in widening celebrity influence across Vietnam’s borders into markets like China.   

Meanwhile, Novationwire is collaborating with TV production house Mega GS to amplify press releases for its new Viet-localized Korean reality program Morning Star Hunters. By profiling contestant back stories and real-time episode highlights tailored around the budding talented stars, Novationwire secured 70+ syndicated media articles leading to over 4.2 million organic impressions and a 59% increase in social media community growth – spotlighting its results in catalyzing celebrity buzz for ratings and viewership.

“We plan to expand by partnering major global celebrities and networks eying Vietnam as a strategic market,” Robbins added. “With our artificial intelligence technology built to continuous learn the nuances around Vietnamese celebrity culture, we can ensure international artists also achieve locally tailored impact across channels to unlock Vietnam’s full entertainment potential.” 

Overall, while still an emerging space, entertainment is slated to represent over 35% of Novationwire’s press release distribution business in Vietnam by 2025. “Celebrity influence only looks set to rise across the region,” concluded Robbins. “By enabling Vietnamese stars and brands craft the right stories, our press releases packages can elevate profiles, reach and revenues.” 

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