Deputy Federal Secretary of the League party Lorenzo Fontana reacts after being elected as the new speaker of the lower House of Parliament, in Rome, Italy, Oct 14, 2022. (Guglielmo Mangiapane / Reuters)

ROME – Lorenzo Fontana, a two-time minister from a party likely to be a junior member of the next Italian government coalition, was selected on Friday as speaker of the lower house of Italy's parliament.

Lorenzo Fontana, Italy's two-time minister, was selected as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies after Ignazio La Russa wa as president of the Senate

Fontana's selection as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies followed the selection of Ignazio La Russa Thursday as president of the Senate, the upper house of parliament.

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Fontana, 42-year-old, received 222 votes, 25 more than he needed to be confirmed in the fourth round of voting.

Fontana is a former European affairs minister and a former minister of family and disabilities. He is a member of the League, which won 8.8 percent of the vote for the Chamber of Deputies in Italy's general election on Sept 25. That result is enough to make the League a junior partner in a likely Italian government to be led by the Brothers of Italy.

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The 75-year-old La Russa, meanwhile, is a member of the Brothers of Italy. He is a former Italian defense minister. He won with 116 votes, 12 more than needed.