On October 24, 2023, the Chengdu Culture & Tourism Promotion Conference themed “Enchanting Chengdu: A Journey through Parks” was held in Sentosa, Singapore. This promotion conference is an important part of the Chengdu Culture & Tourism Promotion Campaign launched by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcast-TV, and Tourism (CMBCBT), aiming to boost the city’s inbound tourism and enhance its cultural and tourism influence worldwide.

This promotion conference was held with the marketing sub-forum of Trip.com Group Global Partner Summit, a gathering of over 2,000 people from around the world. Chengdu seized this opportunity to showcase its cultural and scenic diversity to global travel agents and guests, and invited travelers to personally experience the charm of the city.

A journey across mountains and oceans

Chengdu invites global travelers for a city tour

The conference, with the theme “Enchanting Chengdu: A Journey through Parks,” presented the urban scenery, lively atmosphere, and vibrant energy of Chengdu through a mix of on-stage introductions and off-stage events.

A CMBCBT official warmly welcomes travel agents and global travelers to explore Chengdu and said, “We have topped the happiest city ranking in China for 14 years in a row. Chengdu is a park city under the snowy mountain, where you can experience the laid-back and cheerful lifestyle of the locals amongst the hustle and bustle. With 2 international airports and 131 global and regional flight routes, Chengdu is a cosmopolitan city that blends splendid history and modern fashion. As China’s best tourist destination, Chengdu welcomes guests and travelers from across the world to take a stroll on the streets of Chengdu.”

After that, a Chongzhou Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau official showcased local culture and tourism attractions in a lively presentation as well. He said Chongzhou would like to take this opportunity to invite global travelers to visit the romantic city of Chongzhou and enjoy its stunning landscape.

At the conference, Chengdu’s tourism promotional ambassador Gong Yaokun introduced Chengdu’s rich history and culture, its thriving culture and tourism industry, and the remarkable achievements in building a park city. He also showcased how Chengdu is a globally renowned cultural city and a top-notch resort city.

Happiness coexists with tourism excellence

Chengdu becomes a double winner

Every year, the Trip.com Group Global Partner Summit brings together industry experts and leaders to discuss the latest trends and insights in the tourism sector. This year was no exception. More than 2,000 global partners attended the summit, which focused on topics such as new market trends, new user segments, new growth opportunities, and new ecosystems for the global tourism industry in the wake of a strong economic recovery. Trip.com Group was eager to share its industry insights with its global partners and jointly explore new opportunities for the development of the global tourism industry.

On the evening of October 24, Trip.com Group held its Word-of-mouth Ranking Awards Ceremony. Chengdu, with its outstanding strengths, won two awards: the Most Popular Destination of the Year and the Strategic Cooperation Destination. Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain, a luxury resort in Chengdu, was honored as the Best Luxury Hotel of the Year. Chengdu boasts a wealth of unique cultural and natural resources. Whether you want to explore the ancient heritage of Mount Qingcheng, Dujiangyan, and Jinsha Site, or meet the iconic giant pandas, Chengdu has something for everyone. Its comfortable and leisurely lifestyle has attracted many international visitors to stay.

In recent years, Chengdu has been fostering its global presence and reputation through a myriad of international cultural and sports events, so it comes as no surprise that it emerged as the winner of the two awards.

 Inviting experience of local culture

Discovering the many facets of Chengdu

It’s worth mentioning that outside the conference hall, a city exhibition area was set up to give the guests another glimpse of the city. It featured promotional videos, local scenic photos, cultural merchandise, and intangible heritage products that offered the guests an immersive virtual city tour.

The exhibition area showcased the signature elements of Chengdu’s culture and tourism, such as local cuisine, attractions, artifacts, and products, creating a cozy and relaxing vibe that feels like being transported to this vibrant and trendy park city. The most popular figure at the venue was the adorable panda mascot who handed out small souvenirs and attracted many guests for a photo.

Amazed by the excellent craftsmanship and beauty, the guests crowded around Chengdu’s exquisite cultural and intangible heritage products to learn about their history and production from the staff. Reflecting Chengdu’s rich and diverse culture and tourism resources, the small yet exquisite “Chengdu gifts” were a heartfelt invitation to the world to personally experience the unique scenery and coziness of the city.

Promising government-business collaboration

Embracing new opportunities and challenges together

The conference, co-hosted with Trip.com Group Global Partner Summit, is a further step of cooperation between Chengdu and the tourism platform. The booming global travel industry is driving changes in the markets, trends, and demands in 2023. With the steady recovery of China’s inbound tourism, this promotion event will be an important opportunity for Chengdu to boost inbound tourism and showcase its charm to the world.

Chengdu has been deepening its cooperation with many excellent international tourism enterprises like Trip.com Group in recent years. For example, it established the Chengdu Overseas Marketing and Promotion Center with Trip.com Group in 2019 and hosted the Trip.com Group Global Partner Summit in 2020. Chengdu’s tourism benefits from its platform and industrial chain advantages, which enhance its influence and appeal at home and abroad. The city plans to work with more outstanding enterprises with global platforms, users, and perspectives to seize opportunities and overcome challenges, making full efforts to improve the attractiveness and product quality of Chengdu as a tourism destination. Chengdu welcomes tourists from all over the world to experience its unique charm and discover the magic of this Land of Abundance!